Monday, March 06, 2006

Snarfin' Your DJ.

Here is a tasty yet possibly dubious little piece of tech that merges the two worlds of broadcast and personal music.

Snaptune One downloads songs, talk shows, interviews and live sessions directly from an FM radio to your computer automatically.

It isn't live yet...and you might wonder who the heck has a FM tuner for their PC...but it does get me thinking. Gee, I used to love to lie awake at night listening to the coolest DJ's on the planet (WLIR-FM 92.7 FM) play the best music on the planet. Mind you, this was back when DJ's were the people on the radio, not dudes with two turntables over the dance floor. It would be simply grand to have my own personal cool-hunting digital DJ go off and bring it on home to me.

That said, this one gets a "maybe" from me...I might believe this...but it is dependent on me picking and choosing by clicking and listening. If time-poverty is an issue then this isn't going to work. I am not conviced that there is a pressing need for this but it will be interesting to check out when it goes live.

Screenshot here:


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