Thursday, March 09, 2006

> Skobee: The Assistant I've Always Wanted.

"Fuzzy scheduling allows you to start general and get specific as time goes by."
Any technology that starts with with fuzzy thinking as the first step gets my immediate attention because that is the way I tend to think. I start with a fuzzy, big animal picture and then fill in the details as time goes on. Concept first, details later.

"Discuss the details with your friends and easily propose new ideas or suggestions."
But I also need to bounce ideas off people and Skobee lets me do that.

"Not sure where to go yet? We'll show you what's popular in your location based on where everyone is making plans."
The capability to base a decision (one way or the other) on what the rest of humanity is thinking and doing is also helpful.

I am going to try this for a few weeks, it really seems like a great idea. Let's see if it is actually helpful.


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