Thursday, March 09, 2006

> Origami: Folding Our Digital Lives Into Something Small & Beautiful.

Does anyone else see a Trojan Horse in this little Origami device? Sure it is cute as a button and as they said on Gizmodo, "A web surfing device. As WiFi and other wireless platforms get increasingly ubiquitous, you’ll be able to carry around one of these suckers and look up anything online, wherever you’re at. The screens on PDAs are a little too small to be good at this, phones are worse, and conventional lightweight notebooks are utterly useless for something like this."

Now with all these Web 2.0 social networked tools coming out, having a great portable device seems like a great idea.

But what if this Microsoft product is really designed to be a portable movie player? A Digital Rights Management player?

And why would that be so bad? Well, here's why. Viiv.

Viiv in a nutshell, from its Wikipedia entry:
“It is intended for primary use as a media platform or to play DRM-protected content created by one. Media recorded by an Intel VIIV processor is locked to the processor and may only be played by an authorized VIIV processor.”


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