Thursday, March 09, 2006

>Goowy: The Widgitization & Cenralification Continues.

Ladies and Gentleman, please give a warm Web 2.0 welcome to Goowy, an offering that encourages us to, "Manage your personal communications including advanced email, contacts, calendar, and integrated instant messaging (coming soon) all from one place anytime, anywhere."

On one hand I am a bit weary of the give-us-your-stuff-so-we-can-sell-our-company-for-more business model but, then again, the ability to manage all this stuff from anywhere is greatly needed. And the interface is terribly fun.

Goowy's tagline, "Organize. Communicate. Share." is so ubiquitious that it could be slathered under a hundred various and sundry logos and be perfectly at home. I wouldn't be surprised if a new company sprung up that was actually named, Organize. Communicate. Share.

All that said, the minis (a.k.a.: widgets) are very cool and help me think of many other ideas where an interface like this could be employed.


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