Monday, March 13, 2006

> Real Estate Advertising That Is Actually Useful.

Unityworks has lauched a service that is actually making the web a more valuable place. When my wife and I were looking for a house last year it was astonishing how much information the real estate agent was keeping from us. Not necessarily intentionally, but asymetrical information IS what has kept the real estate and car sales industries humming along for many years.

Now, if I want to know about a neighborhood, I'll go to .

And if I want to get a good feel for a specific house, I will look for something like Unityworks is offering.

Years ago I worked at a big global ad agency and a burning desire involved putting their television commercials on the internet. This was 1996, mind you, so bandwidth was a huge buzzbuster, not to mention the immutable fact that people didn't much want to see a commercial on the internet.

Much of that has changed. Bandwidth has increased and people really do go to the internet for information that they can use. Unityworks joins companies such as Productorials who are combining (arguably) high production values and internet marketing. If this is done well, with excellent production values and dead-on usability, it can be a great way to inform, educate, entertain...and make a sale.


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