Friday, March 10, 2006

> Thumbstacks: The Blessed End of "Did You Get My Powerpoint?"

Presentations used to be fun, you could do a grownup version of show and tell and you would either get the business or not.

Then, in the era of Powerpoint presentations, there came an apparently non-optional step whereas entire rooms of people were bored to tears by screen after screen of information.

Soon people realized that they could email someone a Powerpoint presentation. Or, in a complete reversal of progress, one could snailmail a CD of a presentation.

It wasn't long before offerings like WebEx offered some hope to those who wished to present to prospective business partners but not spend excessive time in airports. But, alas, it wasn't the most friction-free experience for many and it usually ended up having to call in Ned from IT before every WebEx presentation.

Now there is Thumbstacks, a bare bones but functional application that allows users to build presentations online and present them via a permanent URL. It uses both Flash and Ajax - it uses Flash if its installed, and defaults to Ajax if not.

A demo can be found here.


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