Monday, March 13, 2006

> CrazyEgg: Seeing Is Better Than Wading Through a Roiling Sea of Data.

When it comes to web statistic and usage reports, for my money, seeing is better than wading through my body weight in analytic reports that confuse thud-factor data dumps with understandable, actionable intelligence.

Come to think of it, cataloguers could use this also...not in regards to web activity but rather for historical sales data, square inch analysis, and return rates...all things that would be best viewed via a dashboard approach.

But I digress, back to the web.

Crazy Egg has taken a different approach where you can measure and actually see what your users are doing when they visit your site, and from these results you can immediately optimize your site based on your visitors usage patterns.

And while I am a visual person, I do prefer the "overlay" view that gives me numbers as opposed to the "heatmap" view which makes me feel like I am reading auras or something.

I suppose the biggest "Ah-Ha!" to Crazyegg is that business people have complained/screamed/bellowed that they have been drowning in a sea of data. Crazyegg adresses that very real business need.


Blogger Hiten Shah said...


Thanks for the "seeing is believing" post :-)

We are trying to offer a life vest to people who are drowning in that sea of data, its nice to see that others understand!

1:50 PM  
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