Wednesday, March 08, 2006

> Google CL2 Calendar.

Paul Stone from the UK found some intriguing little tidbits of information about the yet-to-be-released Google CL2.

Here's what we think we know at this time:

It has a user interface quite similar to that of GMail and Google Reader.
It is said to be a blue page divided into a grid.
You will be able to double click on a date and add an event.
You can also make the appointment public.
There will be some sort of ability to sync with Outlook and possibly with iCal.
Can synch with outlook/iCal and many more.
It will most likely be able to send SMS alerts.

> Painet: A Thousand Images on a Single Page.

If an picture is worth a thousand words then a web page with a thousand images is exponentially more valuable. Especially if you are a visual person like myself.

Even if you are not primaraily a visual person go to the site and enter a keyword, such as "Vermont" into the search field.

When the results come up on the very well-designed result page, click on "View all Results (1000 max) on one page" and you will be treated to 1000 thumbnails that you can quickly scan.

Additionally there are links like "1,863 New January Photos" that make it feel like a store where new products keep coming in every day.

> Live Clipboard Proof-of-Concept.

Ray Ozzie rolled this one out at O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference. According to a post on Techcrunch, "Go through the demos and sample live page above to get a feel for how it will work. The last couple of demos which show piping of dynamic information across applications are mind bending. This can change the way we use the web, by associating XML feeds with chunks of content instead of entire pages or sites."

Hyperbole aside, it is quite cool and does get one thinking about the possibilities. In short, it allows the copy and pasting of data, including dynamic, updating data, across and between web applications and desktop applications.

> Develop Your Own Applications Using Google.

It might have been clever to change the headline of this post from something other than the original Google page title but, indeed, this says it best.

Some ideas for your non-commercial programs using Google Web APIs:
Auto-monitor the web for new information on a subject
Glean market research insights and trends over time
Invent a catchy online game
Create a novel UI for searching
Add Google's spell-checking to an application

There has been much talk of "why is this cool?" and the best explanation that I can glean at this point is, "The point is that Google is implementing a standardized thoroughly-documented way to programmatically access their outstanding service, which is going to facilitate widespread and rapid development and lead to uses no one has yet imagined."

To my non-programmer brain that is near esperanto but still far clearer than this explanation, "The first step of Level 2 of the www arriving in a cascading recombinance of web services and scripting glue."

Personally, I am going to need to wait and see what grows out of these Google Web API seeds.

> Seth Godin's Epistle to the Googlites.

Here is a video of a talk that Seth Godin gave at Google. It is notable for a variety of reasons, the first of which is that Google is at a defining moment in their history. The second is that I am able to view this video and gain the insight and wisdom of the presentation without being at Google...and that Seth and Google get marketplace buzz simply by posting this.