Saturday, March 18, 2006

> DabbleDB: A Programming Tool Even a Creative Could Love

Model your business. Share your data. Explore your data. Get smart results.

These are the things that they say Dabble DB can do when it launches and I can think of at least ten things that I could do with this right now to exponentially help my business. Filemaker/Access is not terribly collaborative, Sharepoint is a steep wallet, and Quickbase is certainly a strong offering but at a not-suitable-for-noodling $250/month pricepoint...and I am a creative, not a database guy, so Dabble DB looks like I might be able to do something useful quickly and easily.

The way it works now is I sketch out what I want the system to do and then bounce it off of IT and then I wait. And wait. And wait for something to possibly, maybe, perhaps happen.

If Dabble DB afforded me the ability to cobble something that actually worked, hey, that would be incredibly useful. And (this is important) IT would FEAR me!