Saturday, March 11, 2006

> David Tames on Rocketboom

Being an old creative guy, I am totally bedazzled by
the advances that are being made in video production.
Gone are the days where very expensive creatives sat
in the very expensive video editing bay eating sushi that the client
is paying for...while someone else does the editing.

While I do sometimes miss the free sushi, I do love
the fact that I can write, shoot, edit and produce
video all by myself. And I love discovering new
technological advances that can be understood by mere
mortals and sub-mortals such as myself.

So I was thrilled to see my old colleague, David Tames, presenting the joys of
Panasonic's new HD camera on Rocketboom.

He also has some interesting thoughts on HD TV if you are thinking of buying one.

That, and Amanda Congdon is pretty easy on the eyes.