Thursday, March 30, 2006

> Veoh: Disruptive Technology/Entertainment Industry

Before you visit this site you will need to remember (or be made aware of) something. When broadcast television first got rolling there was not much to broadcast. Boxing matches were some of the first sporting events to be shown on the cathode ray tube...woo-hoo! Then advertisers developed content that are, to this day, of dubious value; the soap opera was developed by advertisers to show something in between their commercials. Kind of bassackwards from a viewers perspective but, hey, that's business, kids.

OK, history lesson over. Let's look at Veoh, a peer-to-peer video network that just might be the disruptive technology that kills traditional broadcast networks. All right, that might be gushing hyperbole, so let's say that this might be the disruptive technology that inflicts a serious wound in broadcast networks.

Started by Dmitry Shapiro, Veoh brings democracy to the viewing audience and like many things that allow people to do things without the constraints of previous barriers, the results are sometimes brilliant, sometimes cringe-worthy. But that said, American culture has advanced enough to know that "Friends don't let friends watch Friends".

My friend and colleague, David Tames, said on Rocketboom that the best HD television is a computer screen. Apple's Front Row should clear up any doubts that this is true. Veoh is such a natural progression that it is a disruptive technology that it was inevitable that someone would come up with something like this but I will bet you that network execs didn't see it coming.

And, of course, there is also AtomFilms which was formed 5 years ago by the merger of Atom Films and And, yeah, YouTube is in the mix also.

And one that will be fascinating to watch, and I mean that on many levels.